Trial Licence to photocopy music

​Printed Music Licence Limited (PMLL), part of the Music Publishers Association, is looking to develop a licence that would allow leisure-time choirs to photocopy sheet music; the Amateur Choir Licence.

An initial trial of the license is running until December 2020 and we're looking for groups to take part.

How does the licence work?

The licence allows leisure-time choirs to photocopy sheet music.

  • A fee is charged based on the number of original works you want to copy, for example: 
    • 1 copy of up to 5 licensed works is £2.50 per choir member
    • 1 copy of up to 10 licensed works is £5.00 per choir member
  • Music by all major publishers (see below) is included.
  • Copies must be made from legally obtained originals.
  • Permission to make minor changes to licensed works (e.g. changing the key) is included.
  • View a copy of the licence agreement 

What will I have to do?

  • Report details of copies made each month via an online form.
  • Complete a survey before and after the trial (data will be anonymised).

What music is included?

All major publishers are taking part in the trial. View a complete list of publishers included (with some artist exceptions).

How do I sign up?

The trial is open now and runs until December 2020. Complete this short form and PMLL will be in touch to confirm your participation and finalise the details.

If you have any questions, please contact PMLL.




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