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Voices Weaving: celebrating co-creation with choirs

Creative producer Holly Hunter and composer Michael Betteridge present their co-creation project Voices Weaving, and invite membe

Yule Songs project: Create and collaborate on original winter anthems

Writer Graham Palmer, and composer and Adopt a Music Creator mentor Jenni Pinnock, call on East of England singing groups to take

Get involved in the 2022 Festival of Contemporary Music for All! 

Festival Director Tamara Kohler introduces the Festival of Contemporary Music for All, a biennial event bringing together music m

Brand new pairings for Adopt a Composer project 2019/20 revealed

Adopt a Composer, the year-long project run by Making Music in partnership with Sound and Music, pairs leisure-time vocal and ins

'A woman must not desire to compose'

Composer Chloe Knibbs takes us into the fascinating world of Clara Schumann, and the ideas informing her Adopt a Composer collabo

The making of Three Carriages

Composer Nick Olsen offers a unique insight into new music in th

A musical journey

Sarah Cunningham, musical director of the Edinburgh Concert Band, is delighted to be creatively challenged