Webinar recording: Audio mixing for virtual performances

Many leisure-time music groups have thought about creating a virtual performance for their members to take part in, but are unsure where to start or are unfamiliar with the software. In this webinar, we take a look at the process of mixing audio files and demonstrate some of the software available.

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Working with your music director to deliver online activities

The brave new world of online rehearsal has taken off in a way we couldn’t have imagined just six months ago. While it can be great it isn’t always plain sailing and we know some groups have decided against online rehearsals, whilst others have had limited success.  

Groups that have been successful have told us their Musical Director or conductor (MD) has been central to this, and equally where groups have struggled it is often because their MD has not been able to offer support as much as they would like.

Research and guidance on COVID-19 and musical activity

This page assembles all the information we have found in one place to make it easier for you to refer to. It will never be complete, as new research and guidance becomes available all the time. So do let us know when you come across something not listed here and we will add it.

This page was last updated 6 October 2020

Mediating COVID-19 issues

Making Music Corporate Member Hugh Elder Mediation is offering Making Music member groups five hours of free mediation to help resolve COVID-19 related issues, such as venue hire and professional musician engagement.

What is mediation? 

How to use the Return to Rehearsal survey

As you think about if – and how – your group should get back to rehearsing in person, your members' views are paramount to the decision-making process. 

A survey is a great way to understand how your members feel about returning, and to gauge the mood of your group. To help you with this we have developed an online survey that you can send to your members. 

Livestreaming Subsidy - any artist

To help Making Music’s promoter groups provide concerts during these unprecedented times, we are offering a subsidy for engaging any artist for a livestreamed performance.

Video guide: How to use Audacity to mix a virtual performance

It's one of the most well-known pieces of audio editing software, but how exactly do you use Audacity? In this easy-to-follow video guide you'll see the main features in action as we walk through the full process of editing, mixing and exporting a virtual performance using the free software.

Audio mixing for virtual performances

A guide for mixing separate audio recordings into a final audio performance

1. Choose your software

You will need to use audio editing software that allows for 'multi-track' editing. This kind of software is known as a 'Digital Audio Workstation' (DAW) and will allow you to:

Planning a virtual performance

A guide for groups preparing to produce a remotely recorded performance.

1. Audio first

If this is the first time your group has attempted to create a remotely recorded virtual performance, we recommend breaking the project into the following parts:

Online safeguarding

As music groups rise to the digital challenge and find innovative ways to keep the musical and social aspect of their groups alive, it’s important they remember the responsibilities they have to their members too.