COVID-19: staying connected

We know how important music groups are to the people in them. It goes beyond the music, and is as much about social connections, wellbeing and shared creativity - all of which have been hit hard by coronavirus (COVID-19). However, people are finding fantastically creative ways to stay in touch and keep making music. 

COVID-19: keeping your group running

The cancellation of events and regular music activities for our members is causing extra work, new worries and some uncharted waters to navigate. Our Coronavirus blog gives an overview of the things to consider in the light of COVID-19, and this page provides more detail on how to handle cancelled activities and keep your group moving in these unprecedented times.

Helping others get online

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us who are fluent in the language of technology take it for granted that we can still carry out much of our daily lives through the internet, from banking to food shopping, to meeting our friends and making music together. But there are many people who would like to do this and have no idea how to get online.

Perhaps they have never had the need to go online before and don’t want to ask. Maybe they have even tried before and failed to join in and are too embarrassed to say so.

Staying safe online

As more people venture online during the Coronavirus lockdown, staying safe is more important than ever.  

Unfortunately, just as in the real world, there are criminals online that are trying to make money. They do this by: 

Livestreaming Subsidy - Philip & Dorothy Green Young Artists

Many of our promoting member groups have had to cancel their concerts due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We know how disappointing this is, and that finding ways to stay connected with members and audiences by continuing to provide quality performances of live music is crucial.

Guide to livestreaming

A livestream performance is one that is broadcast live over the internet, offering a digital route to audiences as an alternative to in-person performances. 

We know that leisure-time music groups across the UK are facing unprecedented challenges to their activities. So we are offering free access to some of our resources to help groups stay connected musically and socially.

Stay in touch with members and audiences (performing groups)

We know that many of our performing groups feel like a family or close friendship group, and their members will be missing their weekly meet-ups and often various additional social occasions, too, which so many groups organise.

Furthermore, some groups will have a loyal audience who will be missing their regular dose of live music, and meeting their friends and group members at concerts, whilst lockdown is on.

Stay in touch with members and audiences (promoting groups)

We know that many of our promoters have a core, loyal audience - many of them their subscribers/members - who will be missing their regular dose of live music, and of meeting their friends at concerts, whilst lockdown is on.

But there are ways that you can keep in touch with them and your wider audience, to let them know that you haven’t forgotten about them and encourage them to come back when all this is over. You could even use this unwelcome and unpleasant situation to start building a new audience too.

Zoom: how it works

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online platform that allows you to have a meeting virtually, where every participant is in a seperate location, but they can still hear and see each other.

Do I need the internet to use it?

Zoom is most commonly used on a device connected to the internet, and if you want to see or be seen then you will need to be online. But you can also dial in to a meeting using a normal phone line, in this case the person on the telephone can hear and be heard but cannot see or be seen.

Zoom: online rehearsals (instrumental)

This resource covers how to use the online meeting platform Zoom for online instrumental rehearsals. To find out more about Zoom and how to set it up, read our Zoom: how it works resource.