Community cohesion

We Decide Youth Fund

Funding is available for projects that benefit the local community and where the majority of participants are Southern Housing Group residents.

The funding can be for a range of projects, including costs for community fun days, day trips or residential, dance classes, training and/or employment projects, music courses, sports activities, arts projects, IT classes, buying equipment, improving local services for young people and special events to showcase talent.

Yelvertoft Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

The Yelvertoft Windfarm Community Benefit Fund has been established on behalf of AES Wind Generation. It will be available for the 25 year lifetime of the Yelvertoft Wind Farm and will be administered by the Northamptonshire Community Foundation.

Funding is available for a range of charitable, educational, environmental and general community amenity projects which will benefit residents in the local communities around the wind farm site.

Wycombe Community Venues Fund

The Wycombe Community Venues Fund is provided and administered by Wycombe District Council. The grants are intended to help local voluntary and community groups with the cost of hiring the Wycombe facilities for artistic and cultural events.

A subsidy will be awarded to reduce hire costs by up to 50%.

Woking Small Grants Scheme - Arts, Sports and Youth

The Small Grants Scheme for Arts, Sports and Youth is provided and administered by Woking Borough Council. Funding is available to clubs and individuals that would like to:
• Enhance or improve equipment and/or facilities for individual or group performances.
• Develop and expand the range of activities.
• Increase participation and the number of members.
• Provide specified specialist coaching or training to achieve the previous three points.
• Support innovations or new events requiring initial support.

West Dorset - Arts Development Small Grant Scheme

The Arts Development Small Grant Scheme is provided and administered by West Dorset District Council.
Funding is intended to assist local voluntary and community groups and organisations with the costs of new arts projects and activities that will benefit people living or visiting West Dorset

Small grants are available to non-profit-making groups or organisations for new projects that involve local residents and/or tourists

West Devon - Community Projects Grants

West Devon Borough Council is committed to helping community groups to access support for local projects.

The Community Projects Grants Scheme is available to local community groups, towns and parishes for a wide range of local community projects that will provide benefits to local residents

Grants of between £100 and £5,000 or 50% of the total project costs (whichever is the lower) are available.
In exceptional circumstances, grants of up to £10,000 may be considered.

West Berkshire - Community Plus Fund

The Community Plus Fund, formerly known as the Housing Plus Fund, is a partnership between West Berkshire Council, Sovereign Housing, A2 Housing Group, Catalyst Housing Group and Testaway Housing. West Berkshire Council administers the scheme on behalf of its partners.

The Fund aims to provide small but positive changes to help enhance the lives of local people living in housing association areas.

The Fund offers two levels of grant assistance:
• Small grants of up to £500.
• Large grants of up to £4,000.

Warwickshire Recycling Scheme Fund

The Warwickshire Recycling Scheme grants are made possible through an initiative set up between Warwickshire Voluntary Community Action (WCAVA) and The Heart of England Community Foundation, where unwanted goods are recycled at domestic waste sites and sold on to members of the public. The revenue this brings in is then distributed back into the community via this grants programme.

Funding is available for projects that will benefit neighbourhoods and/or whole communities within Warwickshire.