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Posted on 15 November 2016
Corporate members Rayburn Tours outline 7 ways learning an instrument helps young people.
Posted on 7 November 2016
Our adopted composer, Chris Schlechte-Bond, had already been up to Macclesfield to meet the band.  On that occasion he brought his alto...
Posted on 1 November 2016
It has been over a year since I first met the Thame Chamber Choir to discuss a new work as part of the Adopt a Composer scheme. Their first concert I...
Posted on 1 November 2016
Visiting the choir a couple of times I was great to be able to build a rapport with the members, listen to them sing and understand and get to know...
Posted on 27 October 2016
The logistical feat that is taking a musical group abroad and the challenges associated with an aging membership are two issues that we hear about...
Posted on 27 October 2016
Entries are now open for groups to nominate themselves for an Epic Award - recognising the skill, innovation and hard work that goes into their...
Posted on 21 October 2016
We’re pleased to welcome Black Dress Code as Corporate Supporters of Making Music. Black Dress Code was founded by Daniella Gluck, mother of a...
Posted on 21 October 2016
Everyone’s heart sank when, for the second time in five years, the great collection of music scores known as the Yorkshire Music Library (...
Posted on 19 October 2016
The celebration will focus on good governance and the skills needed to make trustees effective leaders. Trustees and committee members from groups...
Posted on 12 October 2016
We were delighted that Rosie could join us so soon for an orientation visit at the end of September. In a full programme we visited three possible...
Posted on 11 October 2016
So I have recently been selected as the Adopt a Composer Scottish Pairing for 2016-17, working with the Strathendrick Singers on creating a new work...
Posted on 11 October 2016
They say that Scotland’s a small country, and the adage was – perhaps – proved true at the launch of the Adopt a Composer Scheme...

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