Denise Coates Foundation Grants

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Denise Coates Foundation Grants

The Trust does not currently maintain a website or an email account. Applicants will need to make a formal application and presentation to the Trustees - they will be invited to present their proposals to the Foundation's Trustees detailing how a donation would be used and the benefits that it would deliver. The Trustees assess how the proposal aligns to the Foundation's objectives in order to determine whether or not to grant a donation.

Please write to the Denise Coates Foundation for further information or visit the Charity Commission for England and Wales Register of Charities website to view the Foundation's annual accounts.

Mr Simon Galletley
Denise Coates Foundation
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Funding is at the discretion of the Trustees. The Foundation tends to offer large grants for large projects.

Last year the Foundation awarded £3.6 million in grants to 23 charities, 22 of which each received grants of more than £20,000.