The Rhododendron Trust

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The Rhododendron Trust

In the UK, support is given to charities working with those disadvantaged by disability or mental illness; prisoners and ex-offenders; drug addiction; homelessness; carers; the elderly; disadvantaged children. Arts and Nature funding is mainly through the National Churches Trust and Fauna and Flora International, however proposals for small theatre and music projects, for the protection of cultural and natural heritage or environmental sustainability are accepted.


Applications for funding should be in writing. The request letter should not go into too much detail about the need which is being met, but give details about how it will be met by a donation from the trust. Details of current projects, management of projects, and accounts should accompany the proposal and magazines and other material will be looked at. Tiny print may prevent the letter being read at all.

Please send the application to:

The Grants Officer

6 Bridge St.,


N. Yorkshire

DL10 4RW