Changes to the Making Music Board

After the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 12 July, we welcome some new faces and familiar faces in new roles to the Making Music Board of Trustees.

Rhiannon Harrison has been re-elected by the membership and now also been elected as the new Chair by the Board; Dorothy Wilson is the new Vice-Chair and Pete Burchill the new Treasurer. We also welcome newcomers Catherine Travers, Andy Devine and Kathy McLeish. 

Read our 60-second interviews with Andy, Catherine, Kathy and Rhiannon below.

What attracted you to the role?

Andy: Since taking up the role as a trustee with the Teesside Music Society, I have been very impressed with the information, tools and advice on offer from Making Music. I also feel that my experience with a promoter group could also be useful.

Catherine: I’ve seen the call for trustees from Making Music several times and always wanted to apply – this year I finally had time to do it! I’m passionate about how music-making at every level and of every kind lifts the spirit, forges connections and enriches life. Becoming a Making Music trustee feels like a great opportunity to use the skills I’ve gained in my career to benefit the musical community we all value so much.

Kathy: I came across Making Music when I became the Music Director for Godalming Community Gospel Choir earlier this year. I have been a trustee of a college in the past and I wanted to take on a new venture. So this role combines my deep passion for singing, and the desire to see leisure-time music made accessible to as many people as possible. I'm excited about being involved with an organisation that can make a great impact in the wider community.

Rhiannon: I grew up through the hey-day of county music service activities, and although I was lucky enough to make a career out of music, I was struck by how provision for adult hobby-musicians can be under-supported. When I took over conducting my wind band, they introduced me to Making Music and it was exactly the support system I felt was missing! I also know how incredibly, awfully uncomfortable it can be if no one volunteers to take on extra responsibilities and so whilst I may struggle with imposter syndrome, I think I can do a good job supporting the organisation that supports you all!

What do you for a day job?

Andy: I retired early from a career in IT in March 2022. I worked for a global IT consultancy in service and project management. Retirement has allowed me to spend more time in music-related activities such as the Teesside Music Society where I have been overhauling the finance, IT and website streams.

Catherine: I’ve been working in educational publishing for two decades. These days I work freelance or take fixed-term contracts to better fit with family life. Most recently I did a maternity cover as Head of Researcher Training Solutions at Springer Nature – I led a team delivering training for scientific researchers, with a particular focus on improving the digital accessibility of our e-learning.

Kathy: I work for the Institue for Human Rights and Business as Governance and People Management Officer. My career has been predominantly in the not-for-profit sector and I have worked in governance and human resources for around 15 years. 

Rhiannon: I am a professional trombonist and am currently touring the UK with the musical 'Annie' until November, when I'm jumping onto Curve's production of 'Evita' over Christmas. 

Do you have any other hobbies/interests outside the arts?

Andy: I am a keen runner, having taken up the sport in a 'Couch to 5k' course eight years ago, and I have completed nearly 50 half marathons and nine full marathons (after each of which I always say 'never again!').

Catherine: I have two young children and don’t have a lot of time for hobbies beyond music… If I had more time, I’d fill it with reading, travel, community volunteering plus the odd long-distance hike. Although in reality I’d probably just end up doing more music!

Kathy: I love programmes such as the Great British Sewing Bee and Bake Off. Earlier this year I bought a sewing machine and plan to make upholstery (once I've taken my machine out of the box!).

Rhiannon: Whilst we've been touring, the band for 'Annie' have all taken up some form of thread craft, be it cross-stitching, embroidery or sewing garments, which has been great fun! I might try knitting next – just in time for Christmas gifts!

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