Corporate blog: Super Stuff

Digital specialist Leon Gower tells us all about Super Stuff, our newest corporate member

I have been ​working with Making Music throughout 2020, producing a series of resources aimed at keeping music groups rehearsing and performing using digital tools and online platforms – you may have attended one of my Making Music events on video editing, audio mixing or livestreaming! I have extensive knowledge and experience working as a digital producer on video, podcast and radio projects for a wide range of broadcasters and brands.

As a new corporate member under the name ​Super Stuff, I offer the following services exclusively to Making Music members.

  1. Music Group Digital Consultation – a personalised call with me to help plan your group’s next digital project, giving you confidence and tips to ensure it runs smoothly

This consultation is ideal for groups embarking on the following projects:

  • Online streaming concerts
  • ‘Lockdown’-style recorded video performances
  • Remotely recorded audio performances
  • Adopting digital tools for the benefit of players and audiences

I specialise in finding digital solutions for music groups of any size and level of technical experience, and I’m really looking forward to helping more groups gain confidence in the digital world. These consultations will be thoroughly researched and tailored to your specific needs, and I will also provide you with a video recording of the Zoom meeting so you don’t miss any important information. Here’s what Making Music members have said about my online events:

“The session was brilliant. Clear, well sequenced and packed with information. I'm excited to start!”

“Leon certainly knows his stuff! We are already benefiting from the new skills”

“Leon was very clear in conveying his information – he is very personable and easy to listen to”

  1. Video Editing for Music Groups – a professional video editing service for your ‘lockdown’-style video performance. Perhaps you and your group have recorded an elaborate lockdown video (with all musicians independently recording their part), but you don’t yet have the time or computer power to stitch it all together – or maybe you’d rather focus solely on the music and leave the technology to someone else. With this in mind​, I’m o​ffering an efficient, customisable video editing service specifically for music groups!

To book a consultation or video editing service, take a look at Super Stuff’s listing on our resources page or email