Super Stuff

Super Stuff are a production company offering two exclusive services to members: Digital Consultation and Video editing.  

Music Group Digital Consultation

Be it a ‘lockdown’ style performance video or a full scale live online concert to a paying audience, music groups are undertaking all kinds of sophisticated high-tech routes to keep their groups rehearsing and performing in 2020.

Whilst brilliant, sometimes planning these projects can become overwhelming and often appear to need a whole range of new expensive equipment and digital skills. To help you Super Stuff are offering online Consultations to Making Music groups to help you plan your next digital project - with solutions for all sizes of projects and budgets.

What we’re offering:
A personalised call with a digital producer (Leon Gower) to help plan your group’s next digital project giving you confidence and knowledge to ensure it’ll run smoothly. Ideal for groups embarking on the following projects:

  • Online streaming concerts
  • 'Lockdown’ style video recorded performances
  • Remotely recorded audio performances
  • Or groups simply looking to embrace digital tools for the benefit of their members and audiences. 

What you get:

  • An hour long personal Zoom call with digital producer Leon Gower giving guidance and advice specifically for your music group’s digital project including:
    • Tips on project planning with a personalised project planning document/checklist for your group.
    • Technical advice - getting the most of what you have and (if applicable) advice on equipment you may wish to invest in.
    • Software tips - tailored advice to which pieces of software and online tools would best suit your group / project.
    • Promotion - how to raise awareness of your next project.
  • Video recording of the Zoom call - no need to make notes!
  • Plus that handy checklist tailored to your project.

How it works:

  • Complete our quick online Q&A so we can learn what you’d like to get out of the consultation.
  • Book a timed slot for the call (up to 4 members of your group are welcome to join the call).
  • Post call you’ll receive your custom project checklist along with a recording of the Zoom call.

Who is Leon?

Leon Gower is a Digital Producer and Digital Training Resource Coordinator. He has worked with Making Music over 2020 producing a series of resources aimed at  keeping music groups rehearsing and performing using digital tools and online platforms - you may have attended one of his Making Music events on Video Editing, Audio Editing or Live Streaming. He has extensive knowledge and experience working as a digital producer on video, podcast & radio projects for a wide range of  broadcasters and brands. Here’s what Making Music members have said about Leon’s events:

‘ The session was brilliant. Clear, well sequenced and packed with information. I'm excited to start!’

‘Leon certainly knows his stuff! We are already benefiting from the new skills’

‘Leon was very clear in conveying his information, he is very personable and easy to listen to’

£180 (including the call, a tailored project checklist / plan and the recording of the call) 
To book a consultation:

Video Editing for Music Groups

A professional video edit service for your ‘lockdown’ style video performance. 

Perhaps you and your group have recorded an elaborate lockdown video (with all musicians independently videoing their part) but now you don’t quite have the time and computer power to stitch it all together, or perhaps you’d rather focus solely on the music and leave the tech stuff to someone else. 

Super Stuff are offering an efficient customisable video editing service perfect for music groups!

How it works:

  • Complete our ‘Video Options’ online checklist to confirm exactly what you would like from the video.
  • Supply our editor Leon with all the necessary parts - video files, audio files, logos etc.
  • Our editor Leon will be in contact with you via email throughout the project to talk through any choices, recommendations etc.
  • You receive the final high quality video as a downloadable file ready for you to publish on your chosen online platform or simply share with your group (we can give advice on how to do this!).

What kind of video:

  • These videos are all about showing off the skills and progress of your group and we’ll be editing the footage and audio in such a way to stay true to that ethos allowing all members to be seen and heard appropriately with the option to focus on key members and soloists if required.
  • Keeping loyal to the classic ‘lockdown’ music performance video we’ll divide the screen up into rectangles allowing the viewer to watch all the performers simultaneously - emulating the experience of attending the performance in person.
  • Part of the beauty of creating a ‘lockdown’ performance video is gaining an excellent high quality marketing asset perfect for promoting upcoming events, raising your group profile or reaching out to potential new members. For that reason we start the video edit with your logo and brand the video in accordance to suit your style.
  • Some ‘lockdown’ style videos are filmed with the musicians playing along to the pre-recorded audio only version of their piece, requiring the editor to combine both the video and audio into one seamless edit. We can certainly achieve this and can also work to create videos when your group has recorded everything ‘as live’.
  • All videos are colour-graded and the audio & video is treated to achieve the highest quality results.

Who edits the video:

  • Leon Gower personally undertakes all of our video edits purchased via Making Music.
  • Over 2020 Leon has been working with Making Music to produce a series of resources aimed at keeping music groups rehearsing and performing using digital tools and online platforms - you may have attended one of Leon’s Making Music events on Video Editing, Audio Editing or Live Streaming.
  • Additionally, he has years of experience editing video and sound for professional broadcasters and musicians.

How much does it cost?
Pricing is dependable on the number of performers appearing in a single performance, the following prices reflect the editing of a single piece. 

Number of Performers Cost to edit a single piece: 
Up to 8 £180
9 to 16 £290

If your performance video involves more than 16 performers, more than a single piece or requires a more elaborate edit please do get in touch for a specific quote.

To Book an Edit or request a specific quote:

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