Webinar recording: Livestreaming solutions for rehearsing and performing

With socially-distanced rehearsals and performances set to continue for some time, livestreaming is an alternative option that can help you reach as many people as possible. In this webinar, we take a look at the process of livestreaming, talk through the different technology, platforms and software available, and discuss how to get the most from the experience.

The webinar covers:

  • best practices for using smartphones for livestreaming
  • a run-through of various streaming platforms you may wish to consider using
  • how to stream publicly and privately
  • an overview of OBS – a free piece of software that will allow you to add live visual effects to your broadcast (logos, overlays, titles pre-recorded sections etc.) allowing users to produce a professional quality broadcast
  • a look at the options to use more equipment in your streaming setup (multiple cameras, microphones etc)
  • a guide to planning a broadcast – what to think about before ‘going live’
  • how to put your livestream behind a paywall for ticketed performances.

If you're looking for help with a particular task, simply jump to the timecodes below:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:02:17 – Introduction to live streaming hardware (smartphones, microphones, cameras etc)
00:11:44 – Setting up and launching a simple livestream using Facebook (publically or in a private group)
00:25:07 – Setting up and launching a simple livestream using YouTube (publically or a private livestream)
00:38:25 – Introducing OBS – Open Broadcaster Software
00:39:38 – Walk-through key features in OBS
00:46:59 – Preparing OBS for a new livestream
00:56:58 – Setting up and launching a livestream in Youtube using OBS
01:04:04 – Scheduling a live-streamed concert for a set date / time on YouTube
01:09:47 – Using a ticketing platform to professionally sell tickets for your live-streamed concert (Eventbrite)
01:18:00 – Q&A

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