Corporate member blog: Guest VIP treatment

TryBooking makes online ticketing for any size or type of concert simple and easy. They are free-to-use for all free concerts, and have simple, low fees for paid concerts. Their bespoke Seating Plan and new Seat Holds feature are just the ticket to give your concert the five-star treatment.

Bespoke Seating Plan

No matter the shape or size of your venue, from churches to town halls to Westminster Abbey, with TryBooking you can create bespoke seating plans and enable guests to easily choose their own seats. 

Do you want to charge a little more for front row seats? Or have some areas with restricted view? Not a problem, create multiple sections for each price band to suit your venue. 

Seat Holds

Take managing seating at your concert one step further with the new Seat Holds feature – letting you put seats on hold for specific patrons, like season ticket holders or VIPs. 

If you wish to secure seats for loyal season ticket holders, or guests who always book the same seat, or allocate specific blocks of seats exclusively for a particular group of attendees, Seat Holds makes this easy. 

Want to see Seat Holds in action? Watch their demo here.

How to get started?

Getting started with these incredible features is a straightforward process. The intuitive interface makes it simple for event organisers of all levels to make the most of Seating Plans and Seat Holds.

TryBooking, a corporate sponsor, has been supporting Making Music members and musical organisations since 2014. 

Sign up and get started today or contact their team if you have questions, or would like a bespoke demo, via email or call 0333 344 3477.

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