How to keep your group going and keep members engaged

Now that the government has lifted the majority of lockdown restrictions, some music groups are starting to think about how to keep going and ensure that their members stay engaged. To help support our member groups with these concerns, we have pulled together a list of some of our relevant services.

1) Case studies – find out about how other music groups have successfully run hybrid rehearsals (online and in-person) and put on Covid-secure performances.

2) Online health check – a free online tool that you can use to review different aspects of your website, including how potential members find your group online, how easy audiences find it to book tickets to your performances, and how accessible your website is to everyone.

3) MM Platform – our popular all-in-one service revolutionises the way you run your group. By combining a dedicated members’ area with a powerful group management tool, you can manage everything you need in one place. From managing subscriptions, checking member availability, organising rehearsals and managing group communication, this tool helps you run your group on the go, and react quickly to changing circumstances. This service also comes with a free, optional website. Promote your group, sell tickets to upcoming performances and integrate your social media to boost your group’s presence online.

4) Top tips for social media – whether you’re a beginner or a social media guru, we have collated some handy tips and tricks to maximise your social media channels. From growing your audiences to recruiting new members, social media is a great tool for your music group.

Once your group is ready to get back together, we have all you need to ensure your rehearsals are as safe as possible. Our updated guidance includes a handy checklist of what to consider, risk assessment templates and safety posters. Additionally, by logging your rehearsals in the WellRehearsed app, you can help us build a real-time picture of infection risk, which we will use to provide relevant advice quickly. 

We hope you find these services helpful on your journey as you get back to making music!