COVID-19 safety guidance poster templates

To help music groups plan in-person rehearsals, we have created some Covid-19 safety poster templates that you can put up around your venue to remind members of best practice safety guidelines. Below you will find four poster templates for groups, all of which can be customised and branded with your own logo.

  1. Poster template for vocal groups 
  2. Poster template for instrumental groups
  3. Poster template for promoters
  4. Blank template to add your own logos or choice of logos

Folder of icons to customise any of the poster templates

Additionally, we have created individual posters for each safety guideline for use around the venue. 

  1. Clean hands
  2. Social distancing
  3. Wear a face covering
  4. Don't share equipment
  5. Use bell covers

Please note: The layout of these poster templates may appear differently when viewing in protected mode in Word. When prompted, please select ‘enable edit mode’ to see correct layout

We hope you find this Making Music resource useful. If you have any comments or suggestions about the guidance please contact us. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the content of this guidance is accurate and up to date, Making Music do not warrant, nor accept any liability or responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the content, or for any loss which may arise from reliance on the information contained in it.