Glynne Stackhouse & Stephen Leeder​​​​​​​ awarded Making Music President's Award

Volunteers Glynne Stackhouse and Stephen Leeder share their reactions to having been awarded the 2021 President’s Award for their exceptional service to Making Music.

Here's what Stephen had to say:

'I was delighted to be given this award but in truth it was not the best thing I got from them - rather I learned a great deal from my 10 or so years volunteering. I organise concerts at my club in Rhyl and MM enabled me to have a wide view of what was happening in the music world and arrange concerts with confidence. Volunteering benefits organisations and people but it helps those involved with social contact and keeps them (relatively) young. So actually the thanks should perhaps be to MM.'

And here's Glynne's reaction:

'I was surprised - astonished, even! - to learn that I am to receive the Making Music President's Award this year, along with Stephen Leeder. It's a great honour from an organisation for which I have the highest regard. I shall enjoy having it [the award] on my study wall as a reminder of the happy times I spent with Making Music, organising the P&D Green winners, then as a member of the Young Artists Selection Committee, and of course also as a member of the Board.'

We’d like to say a big thank you to Glynne, Stephen and all our volunteers for the crucial part they play in helping Making Music give leisure-time music groups the vital guidance and support they need to thrive.