Making Music presents a number of awards, bursaries and prizes to individual musicians, groups and organisations in both the voluntary and professional sector.

Some of these, such as the Groves Prizes, recognise lifelong contributions to the musical life of the UK, while the music awards celebrate the music creators, arrangers and innovative new music projects that leisure-time music groups are involved with.

Lightbulbs for awards
Members of Making Music can nominate music creators and arrangers that they have worked with, or submit an innovative project around new (21st century) music that they have been involved in.
Find a group icon
What makes your music group special? A chance for members of Making Music to capture and share visually what their group is all about.
Sir Charles Groves award
The Lady Hilary Groves prize is presented to a member nominated by their group for their outstanding contribution to music in the community.
Hilary Groves Award
The Sir Charles Groves Prize recognises the outstanding contribution that individuals and organisations make to the cultural life of communities in the UK.
President's Award given by Debbie Wiseman to volunteer
The President's Award recognises volunteers who have given exceptional service to Making Music.
President's Award
The award for Young Artists (PDGYA) has helped kick start the careers of artists including Steven Isserlis, Thomas Gould and Craig Ogden