Equal Opportunities policy template

An equal opportunities policy plays an important role in the character and culture of your group. It shows your members, potential members and the world in general that you are an open, inclusive and welcoming group.

Going through the process of writing a policy can be beneficial in itself. Taking some time to think about and formalise your approach to equal opportunities can help you to identify the things you do well and highlight some areas where you could be doing better. A formal document will also help bring the message home and encourage anyone connected with the organisation to think about inclusivity.

Aside from these benefits there are practical advantages too. Although it’s not a legal requirement many funders ask for an equal opportunities policy and if there are ever any complaints or disputes relating to discrimination having a policy in place will provide a clear framework to ensure they are handled fairly and effectively. 

What should be in the policy?

They can be quite simple documents and you don’t need a huge amount of detail. The key factors are:

  • your commitment to equal opportunities
  • your aims in relation to equal opportunities
  • procedures for ensuring equal opportunities
  • review of the policy
  • groups who submit DBS checks should include an ex-offenders policy

Template policy

Equal Opportunities policy template

Download the template policy and guidance notes

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