Webinar recording: Preventing and managing hearing loss

In this recording of our webinar, guest speakers discussed how to prevent and manage hearing loss.

Many of us suffer a smaller or greater hearing loss as we get older, particularly if we are involved in music-making, whether acoustic or amplified. This event talked about two aspects of this: how to prevent greater hearing loss which may be due to being exposed to loud noise and/or music in your private or working life; and what you can do if you do experience hearing loss, tinnitus or other issues. 

We welcomed the following expert speakers:

  • Andy Shiach, the founder and director of Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS) which creates custom ear protection for music and other industries. He founded the company after suffering a hearing trauma as a young musician.
  • Fiona Butterworth, a senior audiologist at Harley Street Hearing. She studied at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, completing a joint honours undergraduate degree in acoustical engineering and music before starting her masters in audiology. Fiona has also given presentations to several London orchestras, raising awareness on the importance of using hearing protection within all musical environments.
  • Paul Whittaker OBE, a deaf musician who founded and ran the charity Music and the Deaf for 27 years. He now works as an inspirational speaker and signer of music events, and is passionate about helping everyone, whatever their hearing, be able to make music.



The views represented by the speakers in this webinar are their own, and do not represent the views of Making Music.

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