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Birmingham music library: back up and running!

Last year, many members wrote to and emailed Birmingham City Council when, as part of their budget consultations, they were proposing closing down the music library altogether. This at a time when the service had just moved into the brand new library building and was able to offer users fantastic – and as I saw for myself: much used – facilities, including for listening and playing.

New Nottingham Performing Arts Library service launches

January 15 sees the official launch of the new Nottingham Performing Arts Library service which will encompass users from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland as well as from Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Make your nomination for the 2016 Music Libraries Award

Want to sing the praises of YOUR music library or music library staff, but don’t quite know how?  Well, IAML (UK & Irland), t

Past campaign: Wakefield Music Collection saved!

In 2011, Making Music successfully campaigned to save the Wakefield music collection, one of the most important national collections in the UK, used by thousands of amateur music groups.

Following cuts to spending in 2011, the Wakefield music and drama library, one of the biggest and most important collections of music in the country with over 500,000 scores, was threatened with closure and the break-up of a vital centralised resource for amateur musicians. 

Music libraries

Music libraries, a crucial resource for leisure-time music groups, are under threat. Find out what you can do.

In recent years local authorities have been increasingly strapped for cash. Music libraries, a part of their library service, are often the first to be considered for the chop. However, music library services are used by amateur music groups all over the UK to source around 45% of all the music they need.

Use it or lose it!

Ultimately, facilities offered by the library were maintained following consultations with moderately increased costs. However, this may not be the last word on cost-cutting relating to this resource. Whilst its importance to users has been demonstrated over the last year and diminishes the likelihood of it disappearing, only frequent high usage by a large number of music groups will ensure its survival in the long-term.

Let's celebrate music libraries!

Shout it from the rooftops - there are some fantastic and affordable resources out there for amateur music makers, and they’re called: music libraries!

Music libraries update: February 2015

Updates on the ongoing fight to preserve music library services across the country, including Somerset, Nottingham and Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol, Ealing, Manchester and Buckinghamshire. Let us know if your local music library is under threat.

Music libraries update: December 2014

An update from Barbara on music library consultations, how to get involved and the future.