Making Music Up in Lights

Launched in spring 2021, Up in Lights is our YouTube series dedicated to celebrating the diverse talent of our 3,500 music groups across the four UK nations. Every month, we showcase a different member group performance, taking a deep dive into the leisure-time music sector and championing the work of our 190,000 gifted music makers.

We want to show the world how rich and exciting the leisure-time music tapestry is. We are selecting videos from vocal and instrumental groups right across the musical spectrum, taking in a wide range of ability levels and styles — from jazz bands to folk choirs — as we spotlight particularly interesting or unique performances.

So, please send us your videos! Submissions are now open and you can find all the details below.

Submitting your group’s video for Up in Lights

Please submit a video recording with the following specifications: 

  • Video resolution: 720p or above (1080p, 4K)
  • File format: .mov or .mp4

Please note: audio-only recordings will not be accepted.

For this series, there are no restrictions on when these performances were recorded. If your submission is successful, we will contact you to confirm your inclusion in the series!

How do we submit?     

Please make sure that the video file name includes the name of your group and the name of the piece so we can follow up with your submission.