Making Music Virtual Concerts

Making Music Virtual Concerts celebrated the wonderful breadth and variety of music of our member groups by broadcasting it to the world.

Our member groups have had to cancel rehearsals and performances due to COVID-19. However, in homes all over the country the leisure-time music scene continued to thrive through people keeping in touch online socially or managing to find a way to rehearse and perform digitally. 

Many members were concerned that a long gap will make it increasingly hard to sustain the momentum of their group, so Making Music launched the Virtual Concerts project to celebrate our members on a wider platform and offer them something to work towards in their group, plus a chance to reach new audiences and members in the future. The virtual concerts feature video and/or audio recordings of groups playing or singing, including an introduction to each group/piece, linked each time by one of our Board members.

All our Virtual Concerts are available to watch on our YouTube channel.