MoistureGuard - bell covers

Making Music Premium Corporate member MoistureGuard offer a new range of bell covers from Centre Stage Uniforms that trap over 90% of respiratory aerosols emitted from bells of brass and woodwind instruments.

The covers are made from a blended polycotton, which trap emissions from the instruments' bell while not detracting from sound quality or intonation. Prices start at £2.50. Watch a video to find out more. 


The research was carried out in a controlled laboratory environment and utilised sophisticated laser particle counters that could detect particles down to 0.3 micron, approx. 250 times thinner than a human hair. Players of various instruments tested playing both with and without a cover, and the results showed over 90% of respiratory aerosol particles were trapped using the covers.

Are the covers effective on wind instruments?

Wind instrument testing is more difficult, due to the endless combinations of air holes and open and closed keys. There is, of course, some aerosol leakage through these combinations of air holes and open and closed keys, as well as through the mouthpiece, which is close to impossible to accurately record. However, when we tested the emissions from bells of instruments in the clarinet, oboe, bassoon and saxophone families, the results again showed over 90% of bell respiratory aerosol emissions were trapped.

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