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DBS and Covid-19 update

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, DBS has made some temporary changes to the ID checking guidelines for standard and enhanced checks - and basic checks, when submitted through a Responsible Organisation. See our Covid-19 guidance for more information.

Whether or not your organisation is a member of Making Music you can apply through us to have employees or volunteers DBS checked, with members paying a lower fee.

Please complete this form to request DBS checks.

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We will use the information you provide in this form to process your DBS request and to communicate with you about your request. This will include passing your information to First Advantage and GBG, the companies we use to process DBS checks (please note that the company formerly used to process DBS checks, GBG, are in the process of being taken over by First Advantage. All data will still be processed by GBG until the transition has been completed in January 2022. Once completed all data will then be transferred across and processed by First Advantage only). We will set-up an online First Advantage account for your group using the verifier's details, we will contact the verifier once this has been done. We will not pass the data to any other third parties.

If you belong to a one of our member groups and provide information via this form that we do not already hold on you, we may use the new information for essential communications about your membership administration (e.g. renewal). We will not use new information provided in this form for promotional communications. Read our full privacy policy.