Sing or play Danyal Dhondy's choral companion piece to Fauré’s Requiem

Danyal Dhondy's Still the Sirens was commissioned by Making Music specifically for leisure-time groups as a companion piece to Fauré’s Requiem

Still the Sirens is approximately 28-30 minutes long, and is written for SATB choir plus organ or orchestral forces as detailed below. Music groups can purchase the parts and score by contacting composer Danyal Dhondy directly. PRS performing fees will apply as usual.


SATB (occasional divisi), solo Soprano/Mezzo, solo Baritone, plus either:

  • organ solo
  •;; 1 perc. (timps, tubular bell in C#), hp, org; solo violin; 1st violas, 2nd violas, 1st celli, 2nd celli, double bassi (recommended 2-3 players each section, but can be done with 1); or
  •;; 1 perc. (timps, tubular bell in C#), hp, org; strings as per point two.


Listen to Still the Sirens in full


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