Webinar recording: Connecting with your community

In this recording of our webinar, our guest speakers discussed different ways of engaging with your communities.

If you’re looking to connect with new members and audiences, getting out into your community with performances and workshops could invigorate your group and help you reach more people. In this event, we heard from two UK-wide organisations that put on annual events that you can use as a springboard in your own community. Plus, a member group talked about how they filled an entire year with exciting collaborations and performances. 

Our guest speakers included:

  • Learn to Play, organised by MusicforAll, which takes place on the first weekend in October, and encourages budding and lapsed musicians to try out instruments through short free lessons and trials.  
  • Fun Palaces, which also takes place on the first weekend in October, and brings the community together in one place/event where people can showcase their talents and expertise to each other, whether that be in singing, cooking, sewing or playing the ukulele, or anything else hidden away for the rest of the year behind the front doors in your area.  
  • Andrea Lee for the Barnes Concert Band, who talked about the extraordinarily successful year the band had in 2022 accompanying their community through important events, royal, commemorative and more.  

The views represented by the speakers in this webinar are their own, and do not represent the views of Making Music.

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Photo: Barnes Concert Band in 2019. Credit: Fiona Pitcher Media.

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