Orchestra Tax Relief

Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR), part 3: keeping records, producing accounts and making a claim

We are currently working on creating a series of templates, guidance and services for creating records, accounts and claiming for OTR. These will be added to this page as they are finalised.

Keeping records

This guidance looks at how to keep accrual accounts for your concert production company for the purposes of claiming OTR, and includes examples to help you.

Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR), part 2: Getting set up

This introduction is the second of three documents on Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR). It gives you an overview of how to set up and run a production company to claim OTR. 

Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR), part 1: Is it for you?

This introduction is the first of three documents on Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR). It gives you an overview of what it is and how it works, and an overall idea if this is something your group would like to look into.

To help you decide we also have two additional documents –

Orchestra Tax relief overview: What it is, who can benefit and how we can help

Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR) is the latest in a line of state aid tax reliefs for the creative industries. OTR incentivises the production of orchestral concerts – and amateur orchestras are specifically referenced in the legislation.

We have extensively researched OTR and believe that it has the potential to be hugely beneficial to instrumental amateur music groups across the UK: