Getting started with your Making Music Platform

This guidance should be read first and covers what you need to know about how the Making Music Platform works before you start to design or customise your own Platform.

All of the Making Music Platform help guides and latest Platform News can be found on the MM Platform Service hub page.


Biiah (previously known as the Choral Hub) is an international community of thinkers, doers, and music collaborators who’ve witnessed first-hand how singing for wellness creates a positive impact. In their mission to motivate the world to rethink how they interact with the instrument they were born with,  they’ve developed the world’s first gamified singing app. Quick and fun challenges empower users to sing their way at home or on the move - feeling the benefits instantly!

Livestreaming equipment options

Digital producer Leon Gower looks at different livestreaming equipment options to upgrade your setup.

What do I need to get going?

You can livestream with just a smartphone, tablet or computer. However, there are a number of additional pieces of equipment we'd recommend considering that will raise the quality of your broadcast for your online audience.

This resource is split into two sections – 'Smartphone or tablet' and 'Laptop or computer' – as equipment recommendations differ depending on your streaming setup.

YouTube content claims

If you’re sharing a recording online of your group performing music which is in copyright, then you need to ensure that the website or platform you are using has the correct licence(s) to allow you to do so.

YouTube does have licenses and permissions in place for this, which usually means that you do not have to obtain any other licenses from PRS to be able to share your recordings of copyrighted music on YouTube. Check our guidance on licensing live music online to find out how you can determine whether the correct licenses are in place.

Webinar recording: livestreaming using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

With many groups now expanding their activities to include livestreamed rehearsals and performances, groups are starting to think about how they can make the end product look more professional. In this webinar, we take a look at Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) – a free piece of software that will allow you to add visual effects such as logos and overlays to your livestream, making it even more professional in quality.

The webinar covers:


MusicGurus, a Making Music premium corporate member, have a simple aim: to be the number one place to learn music online.

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Case studies: Group activity during Covid

The pandemic has thrown all kinds of challenges in the way of group music making. However, our member groups have found ways to rehearse or safely put on performances whether entirely online, in person, or a combination of both - all while managing to mitigate the risks of Covid infection. Read about how they have done this in their own words.

Case study: Collaborating with other groups to put on a virtual concert

Jennifer Bonsell from Aberdeen Chamber Music Concerts explains how her group collaborated with other local concert societies to share the work of putting on a virtual concert for their members.

Case study: Livestreaming in-person rehearsals

Laura Mackay and Frank Althaus of Petros Singers tell us how they livestreamed their Covid-secure in-person rehearsals to members who were unable to attend in person.

Webinar recording: Online rehearsals and getting the most out of technology

In this recording of our guest speaker webinar (original event 19 March 2021), we explored how to make sure you're getting the most out of technology during online rehearsals.

We welcomed David Lake (member of a Making Music group, researcher at the University of Surrey, an Engineering Technologist in the CTO group at Dell Technologies and a contributor to the Internet Engineering Task Force, the standards body of the internet), Robin Simpson (member of the Northampton Symphony Orchestra) and Leon Gower (digital producer for Making Music).