Applying for trust funds

Applying for trust funds can take time and effort, but the prize – financial support for your group's activities – is worth it. Make sure you follow our guidance to ensure that you create the most compelling applications with the best chance of success.

Liaising with local government

This guidance is intended to provide you with some ideas on how you can work productively with your local authority and how you can attempt to lobby officers and elected members so that your group can benefit from the resources and expertise available within a local authority.

Public entertainment

If you are providing entertainment consisting of public music, singing or dancing, then it is imperative that you know whether the premises you are utilising needs to be licensed for this ‘public entertainment’, or if it holds an existing Premises Licence.

Raising funds locally

Competition for funds is stiff, but there is no reason why you shouldn't be successful if you put together a good case. This briefing sheet can help you understand the basis of successful fundraising, help you see giving from the donor's point of view and suggest action you can take to get the money you need.

Top ten tips for approaching the media

The following ten tips will help you build your list of journalist contacts and get your group’s new commission, forthcoming concert or other project into the media.

Tools and tips for attracting funding

This guidance is designed to help you plan a project and successfully bid for funding. The ten top tips offer some rules of thumb for putting together a funding application for trusts and foundations. The project planning template will help lead you through the planning stage, enabling you to bridge the gap between inspiration and delivery.

Guidance on using our model constitution

The constitution will put your music group on solid footing in terms of charity structure, regulation and governance and will be hugely valuable in helping you run your group as well as helping to ensure your registration with the Charity Commission is fast tracked. This guidance explains more about what a constitution is and explains why and how you should use our model constitution, including some notes on creating a separate rules and regulation document to go alongside it.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

websiteThis guidance covers VAT registration, rates, what is commonly exempt and fund raising events.

Music recording

This guide contains vital information for making a recording onto CD or DVD that keeps groups within the law and recognises fee and rights agreements.

Searching for a Music Director

Need to find a new Music Director? This guidance has some top tips to help you through the process.