Up to 88% off sheet music hire by Paul Patterson

In 2017, to celebrate the 70th birthday of composer Paul Patterson, Josef Weinberger are offering a selection of orchestral hire works to amateur orchestras at the specially-discounted rate of £47 for up to 3 months hire.

To place an order, find out more or request a perusal score, get in touch with Josef Weinberger at hirelibrary@jwmail.co.uk.

Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood (33’) - save 88%
for Narrator and full/chamber orchestra (full orchestra version also available for £70)
 Premiered by the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Roald Dahl’s The Three Little Pigs (22’)  - save 84%
for Narrator and full/chamber orchestra (full orchestra version also available for £70)
Premiered by Basel Symphony Orchestra

The Magic Orchestra (4-5’) - save 37%
for Narrator and orchestra
Premiered by the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Serenade for Violin and Orchestra (20’)  - save 84%
Concerto for Solo Violin and Orchestra

Jubilee Dances (20’) - save 84%
for Symphony Orchestra
Written for the 50th Anniversary of the BBC Concert Orchestra

Phoenix Concerto (22’) - save 82%
for Solo Oboe and Strings

Violin Concerto/Viola Concerto/Cello Concerto (20'-30’) - save 80%
For Soloist and Strings