How to use the Return to Rehearsal survey

As you think about if – and how – your group should get back to rehearsing in person, your members' views are paramount to the decision-making process. 

A survey is a great way to understand how your members feel about returning, and to gauge the mood of your group. To help you with this we have developed an online survey that you can send to your members. 

The survey is designed to be relevant to as many performing groups as possible. This means it focuses on the general and not the specific, but we think it will give you some useful data to help your planning. 

Some notes on the survey

  • The survey is anonymous, but there is an option for people to enter their name if they wish. 
  • Only the first two questions are required – the rest are optional.
  • Different options appear depending on how you answer the question: When the ease of restrictions allows your group to meet again, will you be comfortable returning to rehearsals? Make sure you try all three responses to find out which one best describes how you feel. 
  • You cannot add, change or remove questions. However you can let us know if there is a question you would like us to add. If enough people request it we will consider adding it. 

Data protection

  • The data will be stored in the Making Music website so we will have access to it.
  • We will use the anonymous data to help us understand the state of the sector. We will not keep or use any personal data submitted. 

How to use the survey 

1. Send the below link to you members with whatever message you would like - we recommend you give them a deadline to reply by. As we have groups with similar names please ensure that you provide your members with the name of the group which is registered with Making Music. If you are not sure exactly what this is then please contact us.

It is important that you use the link below, which is an open link, and NOT the link to this page, which you need to log in to view.

2. Once you are ready, contact us and ask for the survey results for your group. We will only send these to an email address registered with your group on our website.

3. We will send you a password protected Excel spreadsheet with the results of your group for you to analyse. 

Return to rehearsal survey

Please type your group name in the box below and select it from the pop-up list: *

When the ease of restrictions allows your group to meet again, will you feel comfortable returning to rehearsals? *

Please select which age range you are in:

What concerns do you have about returning?

If you are comfortable doing so, please tell us your risk status. Find out more about high and moderate risk status. 

When do you think you will feel safe coming back to rehersals?

Are there any other conditions/situations that would help you feel comfortable returning?

Social distancing is no longer required. Please tell us which level of social distancing below you would be most comfortable with 

What other measures would you like to see in place for in-person rehearsals? (tick all that apply)

Are there any other measures you would like to see implemented?

In this section we want to ask about vaccines 

Please select the option below that applies to you:

Groups cannot require that everyone must have a vaccine to attend a rehearsal.

Please tell us how you feel about attending rehearsals in relation to the vaccination

Please tell us if and how you use Lateral flow tests (LFTs) - tick all that apply 

If we do return to some in-person rehearsing and you decide not to, would you be interested in any of the following?

If you would like to discuss returning to rehearsal in more detail with the committee / management team please enter your name here:

Privacy Statement 

The data you provide in this survey will be sent to the committee / management team of your music group. The data will be anonymous unless you have decided to enter your name. 

Making Music will have access to the anonymous data you have provided. If you have included your name, we will have access to this too, but will not use it for any purpose, other than passing it to your group’s committee / management team. We will not hold the data for more than 6 months.