Livestreaming Subsidy - Philip & Dorothy Green Young Artists

Many of our promoting member groups have had to cancel their concerts due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We know how disappointing this is, and that finding ways to stay connected with members and audiences by continuing to provide quality performances of live music is crucial.

Making Music is pleased to be able to help provide concerts in an alternative format during these unprecedented times. With support from the Philip and Dorothy Green Music Trust, we have made some additional subsidies available to help promotor groups put on a livestreamed performance featuring some of our current and previous Philip and Dorothy Green Young Artists (PDGYA).

What is a livestreamed performance?

It’s a performance that is broadcast live over the internet. The artist will perform in their own home, in front of a camera and microphone. The performance is broadcast live over whichever platform you choose, to anyone who is watching.

The main equipment needed for livestreaming is a decent camera and microphone, which the artists will take care of. We have checked they have the required equipment and will also be providing them with some guidance on performing for livestreams.

Find out more about livestreaming and how it works in our Livestreaming Guide.

How does the subsidy scheme work?

We have agreed a fixed fee of £150 with the artists. The subsidy will cover the full amount and Making Music will pay the artist directly:

  • Contact Making Music to claim the subsidy
  • You contact the artist and make the arrangements
  • You set up a livestreaming platform account for your group
  • You promote the event
  • The artist runs the technical side of the actual broadcast from your livestreaming platform account.

Which artists can we claim the subsidy for?

The Making Music subsidy is available for the following Philip and Dorothy Green Young Artists:

If you are arranging a livestream performance with any artist OTHER than a PDGYA, you will be eligible for our Livestreaming Subsidy - any artist.  You can engage one of our current Selected Artists and claim the Livestreaming Subsidy - any artist of £150. If you do this you cannot claim the Selected Artist Subsidy (£100) for the same booking.

Could we make a recording available instead of a livestream?

You could pre-record a performance and then broadcast it, and the same subsidy is available for this. We think the livestream element is better as it helps create an occasion and an ‘appointment to view’ which will get better engagement. But YouTube does have a 'Premiere' function – that allows you to upload a recording and then set it to be broadcast at a certain time as a premiere.

Who is eligible for the subsidy?

All our promoting groups are eligible for the Livestream Subsidy - PDGYA.

Claiming the subsidy

  1. Check with us that a subsidy is available before contacting any artist (contact
  2. Contact the artist to make a booking as you usually would
  3. As soon as the booking is confirmed, let Making Music know in order to reserve the subsidy. We will send you guidance on including Making Music logos and acknowledgements in all publicity materials and e-programmes.
  4. Agree a contract with the artist and ask them to send you an invoice addressed to Making Music. You then send a copy of the signed contract, details of the performance and the invoice to Making Music.
  5. You must ensure that all publicity and e-programmes for the performance include our logos and acknowledgements as specified in the guidelines. This is a condition for claiming the subsidy.
  6. After the performance, we will pay the artist the full fee directly – you will not need to pay them yourself

All arrangements to confirm and carry out the booking must be done directly with the artist, including sending the contract/letter of engagement and discussing arrangements for the proposed programme.



We hope you find this Making Music resource useful. If you have any comments or suggestions about the guidance please contact us. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the content of this guidance is accurate and up to date, Making Music do not warrant, nor accept any liability or responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the content, or for any loss which may arise from reliance on the information contained in it.