Governance and finance

Making Music model constitution

The constitution will put your music group on solid footing in terms of charity structure, regulation and governance and will be hugely valuable in helping you run your group as well as helping to ensure your registration with the Charity Commission is fast tracked. This guidance explains more about what a constitution is and explains why and how you should use our model constitution, including some notes on creating a separate rules and regulation document to go alongside it.

Model constitution: October 2021 updates

Making Music published a model constitution with the Charity Commission for England and Wales in 2015. We reviewed and updated the constitution in October 2021, with Charity Commission and OSCR approval.

This resource is for groups that are currently using the 2015 version of our model constitution and want to find out about the October 2021 changes. It explains what has changed and the options if they would like to make the same changes. The updated constitution can also be downloaded at the bottom of the page

Applying for grant funding

Covid-19 has caused financial difficulties across the board, but the good news is that different types of financial support are now becoming available.

For leisure-time music groups, new or repurposed pots of grant funding are the most viable. There are a whole range of funds to apply for and different amounts available, and a little money can go a long way to making a difference.

The potential impact of Brexit on leisure-time music groups

For most of our groups the immediate impact of Brexit and the new trade agreement with the EU will be minimal. 

However, it will impact some activities for some groups over the course of 2021. We do now have some clarity in certain areas, but murkiness remains in others. This resource covers areas of potential impact that groups should be aware of – and tries to give information where we have it.

Top tips for treasurers

While a group’s committee or trustees are jointly responsible for managing a group’s resources responsibly, the position of treasurer in an amateur music group is an important one – they are the person who receives money and makes payment on behalf of the group, and keeps an eye on the bank balance to make sure that the group remains solvent.

Running a general meeting

Many leisure-time music groups are required to hold a general meeting (AGM, SGM, or EGM) under the terms of their governing document. This resource looks at what these meetings are for and how they are run, including holding them online.

The minimum requirement for many groups is usually an Annual General Meeting (AGM), a yearly meeting at which members together will:

Value Added Tax (VAT)

websiteThis guidance covers VAT registration, rates, what is commonly exempt and fund raising events.

Mediating COVID-19 issues

Making Music Corporate Member Hugh Elder Mediation is offering Making Music member groups five hours of free mediation to help resolve COVID-19 related issues, such as venue hire and professional musician engagement.

What is mediation? 

Making Music Platform - help guides

Read our step-by-step help guides, for setting up and using your MM Platform

Zoom: how it works

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online platform that allows you to have a meeting virtually, where every participant is in a seperate location, but they can still hear and see each other.

Do I need the internet to use it?

Zoom is most commonly used on a device connected to the internet, and if you want to see or be seen then you will need to be online. But you can also dial in to a meeting using a normal phone line, in this case the person on the telephone can hear and be heard but cannot see or be seen.