How-to guides for using the website

We've put together some How-To guides for key tools on the website, including managing your group's members via Manage My Group, adding events and vacancies and changing your personal preferences and saved pages.

  1. About your Dashboard
  2. Managing your group
  3. Managing your group's contacts

1: About your Dashboard

This guide gives an overview of your Dashboard as a whole, with what sits where and how to update your own information and preferences. 

  • Your Account
  • Details and preferences
  • Connecting to a group
  • Your saved pages

Download the guide

Guide 2: Managing your group

This guide covers the part of your Dashboard dedicated to managing your group (or groups), including membership and insurance, your events and vacancies and your group profile.

  • Your group profile
  • Membership and insurance
  • Add/edit events
  • Add/edit vacancies
  • View/edit sheet music listings

Download the guide

Guide 3: Managing your group's contacts

This guide covers using Manage My Group - the dedicated tool for managing members connections to your group, their roles, access permissions and inviting new members to register and connect so that they can access members-only content.

  • Changing your MM Group Rep
  • Setting permissions/roles for a group member
  • Inviting new members to connect on site
  • Approving requests from group members to connect

Download the guide