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Many groups find that one of the biggest challenges they face is recruiting new members, particular under 35s.

In 2018 we piloted a Youth Health Check service, matching up our youth engagement volunteers with local groups, to help groups identify what they could do to reach out to and engage better with under 35-year-olds. No less than 82% of the recommendations that the volunteers made were to the group's online presence – either website, social media, or both – proving that your online presence is crucial in how you attract members.

Now we're rolling out a general Online Health Check service to help you strengthen your online presence and recruit new members of all ages. Wherever you're located in the UK, you can benefit from the service.

How do I get started?

If you're a member of making Music, you can sign up using the form below and we'll match you up with a volunteer. The volunteer will review your website and any social media channels you have.

After the health check has taken place, Xenia Davis, Youth Engagement Manager, will contact you to pass on the volunteer's feedback, including practical suggestions for how you could reach out more effectively to new members.

You'll receive your feedback within one month of signing up.


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