Sing Safe

SingSafe is a revolutionary silicone insert which allows you to sing comfortably and confidently while keeping you and others safe.


This affordable insert is made using food-grade silicone and worn underneath your face mask to keep it off your mouth. This allows you to take a lungful of air and not mouthful of mask. They are lightweight and durable, making it easy to store in your bag or even your pocket.

SingSafe are offering Making Music members a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more. The prices in the table below already have the 10% discount applied. 

To claim the discount order via the Sing Safe website and use discount code: MUSIC10

Making Music member pricing

No. of units  Making music member price (SingSafes only*) Making music member price (individually bagged*)
3 £5 £6
10 £16.20 £20.25
25 £36.00 £45.00
50 £67.50 £81.00
100 £112.50 £135.00
200 £180.00 £202.50
500 £315.00 £360.00
1000 £585.00 £675.00
Custom  Quote on request  Quote on request 

* Individually bagged SingSafes are each in their own sealed packaging and are a good option for choirs buying SingSafes for members. You can have them available as people arrive at rehearsal and only the person using the SingSafe has to touch it. The 'SingSafes only' option come packaged together.

Shipping is free in the UK. 

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