Growing your group and audiences

Individual visits and consultations: Liverpool and surrounding area

Sharon Moloney, Member Engagement Manager, will be available in Liverpool and the surrounding area to meet and talk with members from this area and beyond.

If you have a burning issue on which you would like some help or advice, or would simply like to say hi or find out more about Making Music, please get in touch to confirm an appointment. Sharon is available to attend concerts, rehearsals or committee meetings, or for individual appointments.


Topics you may wish to discuss include:


L3 8EW Liverpool
United Kingdom

Information and advice event (Swansea): Removing barriers to audience attendance

We would all love to perform to bigger audiences – but how can we encourage new attendees? In this session we’ll explore some of the barriers to attendance and how you can overcome them, as well as a brief look at branding and image in those all important concert posters.


St James' Church
Walter Road
SA1 4QF Swansea
United Kingdom

CANCELLED Information and advice event (Plymouth): Recruiting and retaining new members for performing groups (with a focus on under 35s)

WE ARE SORRY THAT THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. If you would like more information on this topic, please contact the Youth Engagement Manager on 020 7939 6030.

You can also access our online resources on Recruiting and retaining under 35s below: 


Plymouth Central Library
167-171 Armada Way
PL1 1HZ Plymouth
United Kingdom

Performing in Care Homes

Care homes are not often seen as places for performing music, and you’d be forgiven if you hadn’t considered doing so before.

However, according to a 2015 Treasurers survey, a number of Making Music member groups already have a relationship with their local care home.

Why perform in a care home?

It can be hugely beneficial for everyone involved: the care home, its residents and your group:

Top tips for engaging with people with dementia

Lots of our member groups perform in care homes across the country, taking their music to people who might not otherwise have a chance to attend a live performance. In many care homes there are people with dementia, and some homes specialise in care for people with this illness.

Alternatives to putting on a formal concert

'Formal' concerts are often the central driver of groups' seasons and activities, but in some cases they can be a financial burden as well. In this guidance we explore some alternatives that might allow you to retain the benefits while reducing the financial risks and pressure. 

Collaboration case study: Opal Flutes and Peckham Rye Sings

Sharon Moloney of member group Opal Flutes explains how teaming up with another group gave them an opportunity to experience repertoire that would otherwise be off-limits.

Top tips for managing an engaging Facebook Page

A Facebook Page is a great way to attract new audiences and potential members to your music group.  At the time of writing, there are about 702,000 people on Facebook in the UK, between ages 18 and 65, that expressed an interest in Choirs; 506,000 that like Orchestras and a staggering 27,818,000 that like Music. These are all potential audiences that you can reach if you know how to target them.

Information and advice sessions (Around Bangor, North Wales): Helping your group to thrive

An opportunity to meet Wales Manager, Abby Charles, to talk about all aspects of running your group.


LL57 1PA Bangor
United Kingdom

Information and Advice (Mold): Every penny counts – tips for improving your income

In an age where funding is increasingly hard to obtain, how can you maximise your income in other areas?

We’ll hear about members who have had success in raising money by other methods, and we’ll share advice and experiences with each other on what has – and hasn’t – worked for you. Making Music staff will also have some top tips for gaining those vital extra pennies.

We'll talk about:


Parkfields Community Centre
1 Elm Drive
CH7 1SF Mold
United Kingdom